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Refracted Life



… A Journal of Change: Refracted Life

Just as a PRISM refracts light -cleanly separating the previously ‘white-light’ into the magnificent – and clearly obvious- variety of colors we know as the SPECTRUM.

LIFE is also refracted – separated into a ‘spectrum-of-sorts’. This spectrum – that constantly runs together due to the hectic pace of today’s life – is constructed of the TIMES, PLACES and PEOPLE that pass through our life.

The PRISM engaged in the separating … is called CHANGE.

Until light passes through a prism, we don’t really know the variety and wonder of the various parts that make up light. In the same way, we live most of our life with little true knowledge of the variety that makes up our life; the What we can be moment. We live life on a day-to-day basis, mostly in a blur. Most of the time we’re glad to just get through it at all. Little time is made available for closely examining its various parts.

Now-and-then, we get refracted.

As a result, the refraction’s [separations of living reality from our hectic manifestation of prejudiced perception] begin to reveal the previously hidden elements of life and enable us opportunity for a glimpse into how our refracted life, reflects upon others.

It is Change – in our lives – that acts as our agent of vision. It is Change that brings clarity. It provides us a narrow glimpse of the variety of life; what it is; and the power the reflections produced have in the lives of other people.

It is the refraction of life that shows us the rainbow of possibilities.