Memory … The mental faculty of retaining and recalling past experience. (Answers.com)

What do you remember?   Why?

There are many reasons to remember, but only one is known to have therapeutic effects, with results that are clinically measurable.

One might think being able to recall information in the midst of taking a test, attempting to save one’s ‘bacon’, recalling an important appointment, phone number, the name of the person who just walked up to you and seems to know exactly who you are – but you have no idea who they are.  Yes, there are many good reasons to have an active memory.

Still, only one has real lasting effect.  The others are mere blips on the scale of importance to our lives.  Only an ephemeral moment of true assistance.

When was the last time you walked away from an event, having been interceded for by a friend or a complete stranger.  Your life took a much better turn on the behalf of that person.  And you walked away from them and the event and  DID NOT THANK THEM.

Imagine for a moment standing in THEIR SHOES.  What would be YOUR impression of YOU?  Surely you have an incident in which you did not feel properly Thanked for your efforts.  If so, how did it make you feel?  How would you react toward that person if they turned around and asked for your help again?

No doubt the results would not be high in the rankings of, ‘Influencing friends and enemies’.

You would not like it.  The recipient of your ingratitude did not like it either.

So. When was the last time your memory failed you in remembering to say THANK YOU?

Chances are it was not all that long ago.  It happens to most people from time-to-time.  But for some people such ingratitude expressions are ingrained ways of life.  They are, for most people, ingratiate bores; people whom do not get a second glance.

How do you break that habit.  Or better yet, AVOID it?  There is a proven way to do so.  And it’s as simple as a pen and paper.  Or, if you’re more technology motivated, a keyboard.

The simple solution is this:  WRITE IT DOWN.

Yes.  The solution really is just that simple.  And the outcome is guaranteed.  Now THAT is a deal!

Thus the topic of this blog  Memoire de Coeur … Memories of the Heart, is about learning to become Thankful; expressing it in vocalized and action oriented Gratitude and learning to develop a Gratitude Journal.

Gratitude, the one act of memory … remembering to ‘be grateful’ … which has clinically measurable benefits.  Being Grateful is GOOD FOR YOUR Mental as well as Physical Health.

This Gratitude Journal is both a public discussion and a personal journey for me.

No, I’m not going to get into a raw revelation mode, but I will document real incidents, events, people, places and outcomes of a personally related nature. The writings, photos, videos and other media used on memoire de coeur will be real enough for anyone reading it to relate.  That is the point.

Several years ago I developed a program to help people develop an increased relationship with their natural environment.  The program was used by a number of grassroots organizations around the US and Canada.  At the heart of that program was the tagline: “People will not see the need, until they feel the need.”

We are short-sighted,  memory selective and biased creatures.  Highly intelligent when we want to be.   The implied other side of this is the imbecility we can – and do – exhibit on a far – too regular – basis.  At the heart of this problem is we just don’t remember well.  Even the smartest among us have problems remembering those things we deem, ‘unimportant to us’.  The problem is, what we see as unimportant, is very important to another person.  This is the rub.

Writing down – in a Journal – the events of our daily lives serves a far greater purpose that to simply record the events.  The daily Journal … be it a diary, a Gratitude Journal, an Idea Journal, whatever … this writing down of information teaches us two (2) incalculable value-added benefits.

1_ Historical Trace

We can see where we have been and use this to guide our steps in future events.  We can avoid old problem areas and take advantage of avenues for success missed in earlier events.

2_Analysis Tool

When we look back at the data collected from our daily lives in the Journal, we can make much better decisions based upon real data: Hard Data!  This stuff happened and YOU have a document of the incident.

Armed with these two (2) historical insights YOUR life will immediately take on a far sharper focus and vision for your future.  This is extremely helpful.  Immensely valuable.  But it is NOT the most important, helpful or valuable aspect of the Journal.

When you read back through your Journal you will be able to see, pinpoint, identify and recognize the BLESSINGS that have come your way.  By the hands of specific people, organizations or efforts – as well as the obvious, but as yet unidentifiable, sources of rendering you a favor; leg-up; boost; assist; … whatever you wish to call it.  You BENEFITED from something, someone somewhere and your Journal gives you a record of it.

Now the question is this:  What will you do with the information?

If you’re in-step with the heart-n-soul of a Gratitude Journal, you will do the following:

  • You will read your Journal often
  • You will make notes of specific events to be Thankful for
  • You will make a list of people to Thank for their involvement in your life
  • You will recognize those people who have been less-than-assisting -but to whom you will not retaliate.
  • You will seek to do something ‘good’ for them.
  • You will do this act in 100% Anonymous mode.
    • This is not for glory, but for the sake of one simple guidepost:   “It is the right thing to do.” )
  • You will learn how to improve your Journaling
  • You will grow to love and appreciate the power of Gratitude.

These points will make you a better person and a better person to be around.

    Come join Memdecoeur as we take the journey down Memory Lane and document the events, people, places and outcomes that affect our lives… every day of our lives.


    Without being able to say that, life has little reason for existing.



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