Memoire de coeur … arrives on Posterous

Gratitude.  Thanksgiving.  Just saying Thank You… is a powerful tool in human relations.  Possibly the best one.  Because this simple act is a 2-way street on delivery.

Whether you’re the DELIVERER or the RECIPIENT … the energy that flows is positive, uplifting, beneficial and building.  This is a WIN-WIN-WIN.

So, do something for yourself and your fellowman today and everyday. Apply the simple, but powerful act of gratitude and thanksgiving, wrapped up in one simple statement: Thank You.  Even if you’ve already said it.

A good turn cannot be over done… only not done enough.

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[UPDATE 050213:  As happened with a number of my sites that were moved over to Posterous, they ALL DIED. On 30 April 2013, Posterous was ‘cut loose’ to drift, lost, in the ether of the Internet.  The amazing ‘free site’ was hit with two major technology tsunamis:

  1. purchased the company – an historic death-knell for many before it;
  2. Fall-out, between the new owners (Twitter) and the Posterous creators;

The result was one most users of Posterous were unable, or unwilling, to follow: Fee-based blogging, since Twitter only wanted the user-base, but had no interest in keeping Posterous alive.

Memdecoeur  did not follow the ‘fee-based plan’, but returned to and will do so for the foreseeable future. ]

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